Towel Export(ベトナムタオル輸出, 베트남타올 수출)

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Minh Anh Towel Co., Ltd was founded and developed in "Meo Village", known as a famous traditional towel village with hundreds of years in textile industry. Having many years of experience in this field, Minh Anh is increasingly asserting to domestic and international customers. We take it for our advantages effectively.

We always strive to meet the needs of customers, by:

- Best-quality products: The towels are produced with modern technology and advanced machines, under the hand of experienced staff

- Professional service is always our operating principle.

Desire to be one of the top pioneer companies in the towel field, we always put our prestige and thoroughness on top.




Dear customers,

First of all, Minh Anh Towel would like to express our gratitude and thank-you to those who give us sincere and frank advice and contribute partly to the promotion of our company.

Secondly, our company has experienced a plenty of difficulties. To get achievement and build a good brand in the mind of customers as today, we have been making non-stop efforts. We are trying to present the best products in all Asian and European markets.

Thirdly, Vietnam joined many Trade agreements, namely WTO, FTA, TPP, and so on, which bring enormous opportunities and challenges to economy in general and textile industry in particular.

We are looking forward to a successful cooperation with all companies worldwide.

For our mutual benefits and long-term development, we sincerely appreciate all your cooperation with us recently and in the furture.